Invitation Letter

Sponsor Hall Floorplan (with table locations/layout)

Conference Sponsorship Deadlines:

  • September 23 - Registration Deadline — Regular Registration ends
  • September 23 - Conference bag items must be received by this date
  • September 24-October 1 - Late Sponsor Registration (late fees increase each day during this period)
  • October 1 - Unbooked rooms at hotel are released
  • October 1 - First date for equipment to arrive at planetarium
  • October 1 - Full dome content must be received by this date
  • October 9 - Registration/meal selection ends for sponsor representatives (employees)
  • October 17 - First date for equipment to arrive at hotel
  • October 23 - Last date for equipment to arrive at planetarium
  • October 23 - Conference starts
  • October 26 - Conference ends

Important / New Information

  • Exhibit hall space fees are a bit higher than last year due to hotel rental costs.
  • In a change introduced at the 2018 conference, sponsorship is à la carte. You are able to sign up for the specific amount of exhibit space and plenary time you desire.
  • There are two distinct registration processes for sponsors:
    1. Signing up the company for a sponsorship (e.g. selecting sponsorship level, amount of plenary time and exhibit hall space, etc.)
    2. registering individual employees (sponsor representatives) to attend the conference (e.g. entering their names and selecting meal options, including the banquet)
  • Membership is no longer included in registration, nor is it required. You and members of your team are not required to join GLPA but are more than welcome to do so. You will be offered an opportunity to join as you work through the Sponsor Representative registration process.
  • Portable dome space is very limited this year, so please contact the conference host before registering if you wish to bring a portable dome. — Update 20190909: All portable dome space has been taken.
  • If sponsorship requests can be accommodated after the sponsor registration deadline (September 23), a $50 per day late fee will be assessed. For example, a registration on September 25 will be assessed a $100 late fee, while a registration on October 1 will be assessed a $400 late fee.

Sponsorship Options and Costs

The following items contribute to your sponsorship level:

Company Registration Fee
Plenary Presentation Time5 minutes - $50
10 minutes - $300
15 minutes - $650
20 minutes - $1,000
Exhibit Hall Space50 sq feet (1 table) - $305
75 sq feet (1 table) - $455
100 sq feet (2 tables) - $710
150 sq feet (2 tables) - $910
Portable Dome Spacevery limited — contact conference host
— All portable dome space has been taken as of 20190909.

The following items do not contribute to your sponsorship level:

One item in Conference bag
"Universe" and "Parallel Universe" level sponsors may
include an item for no additional charge
3D item - $100
2D item - $50
Late Night Fulldome Film Festival$9/minute
Late Fees$50/day after September 23

Sponsorship Levels

Sending your equipment to the conference site

Equipment can be sent to the planetarium at: Ritter Planetarium, 2855 W. Bancroft Street, Toledo, OH, 43606 — Please ship so that packages arrive after October 1st and before October 19th. The planetarium does not have a loading dock.

Equipment can be sent to the hotel at: Park Inn by Radisson, 101 N. Summit Street, Toledo, OH 43604 — Please ship so that packages arrive after October 17th and ensure that all packages are labeled with "GLPA Conference".

Encoding fulldome video for the Spitz SciDome

Spitz has graciously offered to handle encoding of conference video for Ritter Planetarium's SciDome. Please send dome masters with 2.0 or 5.1 sound (as separate tracks) to:

Spitz, Inc.
Attn: GLPA/Wes Thompson
700 Brandywine Drive
Chadds Ford, PA 19317
(610) 459-5200
Dome master resolution should have a minimum resolution of 2400x2400, and audio files must be identical in length and time-synchronized to the visual content. To allow processing time before the conference, please ensure that dome masters are received by October 1, 2019.

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