As planning for Virtual GLPA 2020 began, we wanted to invite our friends and vendors to participate as well. Efforts have been made to make sure sponsors receive plenty of recognition and visibility during the conference and online. The chart below outlines the benefits of sponsoring Virtual GLPA 2020 at two different levels.

About the Conference "Goody Box"

One sponsor benefit almost certainly needs an explanation: the conference goody box.

The first 200 registered delegates in the U.S. will receive a box of conference materials (hopefully) before October 12. In addition to conference notes and swag provided by some of our education partners, sponsors are encouraged to submit 2D and 3D items to be included as well. General delegates are also being invited to submit something representative of their institution to go in the conference goody box. This could be a brochure, sticker, poster, patch, or some other treat anyone would like to share or receive at a conference. Be creative. Have fun. Keep it classy.

All materials to be included in the goody box must be received NO LATER than 9-29-20. If you miss the deadline you miss out on this benefit. Note, 200 boxes will be prepared, meaning we need 200 items from you. If you are sending something for the box, please send email to planetmccall@gmail.com in advance with a description and photo of your submission so we can prepare for packing.

Conference materials should be shipped to:

Kris McCall - GLPA Conference
c/o Cernan Earth and Space Center
2000 5th Avenue
River Grove, IL 60171

If you have questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask via planetmccall@gmail.com.

And your last reminder:
All materials to be included in the goody box must be received NO LATER than 9-29-20. If you miss the deadline you miss out on this benefit.

About the Virtual Exhibit Hall

Add your booth to the Virtual Exhibit Hall! Using your logo or another image of your choice, delegates can easily find sponsor websites or other content along with links to other educational partners, resources, and references.

The virtual exhibit hall is a page here on our web site, linked prominently from the conference page delegates will visit, on which you can place an image of your choosing along with a link back to your web site. The link can go to your normal home page, but you might also consider creating a page to showcase any products / services you'd like to highlight to our delegates. (Much like the wonderful sponsor hall exhibits shown during in-person conferences.) Space in the virtual exhibit hall is included in both sponsorship levels. To participate, simply e-mail us the image and link you'd like to add to the page.

A note about sponsor presentations

When the conference schedule is finalized, you'll receive a notification of your sponsor presentation time. On the day of your presentation, we encourage you to join the Zoom meeting early so you'll be ready to give your presentation and can avoid any last-minute Internet connection glitches. If you're unfamiliar with Zoom, we'd recommend that you do a "test presentation" before the conference. (This is especially important if you're playing back a video and are unfamiliar with how this interacts with Zoom screen sharing.) Zoom provides free accounts which can be used to perform this testing, although we'd recommend asking a friend or coworker to act as the "audience" and ensure that everything is visible/audible.

Due to limited time in our schedule, we will not be able to accommodate late sponsor presentations or extend presentation timeslots to accommodate technical issues.

Conference Sponsorship Deadlines:

  • September 29 - Conference "goody box" items must be received by this date
  • October 5 - Registration ends
  • October 12 - Conference starts
  • October 16 - Conference ends