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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Start TimeEnd TimeLocation
8:30 AM5:00 PMEasternExecutive Committee MeetingOaks
9:00 AM5:00 PMEasternGLIPSAInnovation Lab
9:00 AM5:00 PMEasternSponsor SetupKalamazoo
9:00 AM5:00 PMEasternSponsor SetupArcadia
9:00 AM5:00 PMEasternSponsor SetupPlanetarium
2:00 PM9:00 PMEasternCheck-inOutside Kalamazoo Room
5:00 PM5:30 PMEasternNew Member OrientationGlens II
5:30 PM7:15 PMEasternOpening ReceptionKalamazoo
7:00 PM7:15 PMEasternKVCC / KVM Welcoming RemarksKalamazoo
7:30 PM8:30 PMEasternSponsor Showcase (Dome) - "red" group - Part APlanetarium
7:30 PM7:45 PMEasternSSIAPlanetarium
7:47 PM7:57 PMEasternMilwaukee PMPlanetarium
8:00 PM8:05 PMEasternIPS/AAVSO/BSUPlanetarium
8:10 PM8:30 PMEasternZeiss/Seiler InstrumentPlanetarium
8:00 PM10:00 PMEasternOptional ObservingRain Garden
8:30 PM8:45 PMEasternBreakWorld Works
8:30 PM10:00 PMEasternSternegarten Observatory TourSternegarten Observatory
8:45 PM9:45 PMEasternSponsor Showcase (Dome) - "red" group - Part BPlanetarium
8:45 PM9:00 PMEasternDigitalisPlanetarium
9:02 PM9:07 PMEasternAdlerPlanetarium
9:10 PM9:30 PMEasternCosmPlanetarium
9:30 PM9:45 PMEasternLaser FantasyPlanetarium
9:45 PM1:00 AMEasternHospitality SuiteUpjohn
10:00 PM12:00 AMEasternKaraokeArcadia

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Start TimeEnd TimeLocation
7:15 AM8:30 AMEasternBreakfastArcadia
8:15 AM8:30 AMEasternWelcoming Remarks from GLPA PresidentArcadia
7:30 AM8:15 AMEasternPoster SetupKalamazoo
8:00 AM10:00 AMEasternCheck-inOutside Kalamazoo Room
8:30 AM9:30 AMEasternSponsor Showcase (Flatscreen)Arcadia
9:45 AM10:45 AMEasternSponsor Showcase (Dome) - "yellow" group - Part APlanetarium
9:45 AM10:00 AMEasternSSIAPlanetarium
10:02 AM10:12 AMEasternMilwaukee PMPlanetarium
10:15 AM10:20 AMEasternIPS/AAVSO/BSUPlanetarium
10:25 AM10:45 AMEasternZeiss/Seiler InstrumentPlanetarium
10:45 AM11:00 AMEasternBreakWorld Works
11:00 AM12:00 PMEasternSponsor Showcase (Dome) - "yellow" group - Part BPlanetarium
11:00 AM11:15 AMEasternDigitalisPlanetarium
11:17 AM11:22 AMEasternAdlerPlanetarium
11:25 AM11:45 AMEasternCosmPlanetarium
11:45 AM12:00 PMEasternLaser FantasyPlanetarium
12:00 PM1:15 PMEasternLunchMuseum
12:15 PM12:30 PMEasternPaper Moderators' MeetingMuseum
12:30 PM1:15 PMEasternState MeetingsMuseum
1:30 PM3:00 PMEasternPaper Session I-AGlens I
1:30 PM1:45 PMEasternJessica Rogers, "Using AllSky Cameras for Dark Sky Awareness"Glens I
1:45 PM2:00 PMEasternErin Brady "Creating a Personalized Experience that is Unique to Your Planetarium"Glens I
2:00 PM2:15 PMEasternJim Sweitzer, "Plein Air Planetarium: Smart Telescopes and Internet for Realtime Astronomy"Glens I
2:15 PM2:30 PMEasternDale Smith, "Lowell's Canals"Glens I
2:30 PM2:45 PMEasternGary Lazich, "A Dome within a Dome"Glens I
2:45 PM3:00 PMEasternKen Brandt, "The Rising Phoenix: A Story of Hope, Inspiration, and Aspiration"Glens I
1:30 PM3:00 PMEasternPaper Session I-BGlens II
1:30 PM1:45 PMEasternDan Tell, "How to Get the Job: Résumé and Interview Tips"Glens II
1:45 PM2:00 PMEasternJesica Trucks, Gloria Lopez, Katie Hinko, Shannon Schmoll, "Comparison of Virtual and In-Person Big Astronomy Planetarium Shows: Preliminary Results"Glens II
2:00 PM2:15 PMEasternRaymond Zich, "Teaching Astronomy with Computational Activities"Glens II
2:15 PM2:30 PMEasternRaymond Zich, "Using Active Learning Techniques to Teach Astronomy Online"Glens II
2:30 PM2:45 PMEasternBob Bonadurer, "Starry Messaging: From Galileo to TodayGlens II
1:30 PM4:00 PMEasternSponsor Hall OpenKalamazoo
3:00 PM3:30 PMEasternBreakKalamazoo
3:30 PM4:00 PMEasternPoster ViewingKalamazoo
4:00 PM5:00 PMEasternInvited Speaker: Trice Batson - "Culture of Collaboration"Arcadia
5:00 PM6:15 PMEasternDinnerArcadia
6:30 PM7:30 PMEasternSponsor Showcase (Dome) - "blue" group - Part APlanetarium
6:30 PM6:45 PMEasternSSIAPlanetarium
6:47 PM6:57 PMEasternMilwaukee PMPlanetarium
7:00 PM7:05 PMEasternIPS/AAVSO/BSUPlanetarium
7:10 PM7:30 PMEasternZeiss/Seiler InstrumentPlanetarium
7:00 PM9:00 PMEasternOptional ObservingRain Garden
7:30 PM7:45 PMEasternBreakWorld Works
7:45 PM8:45 PMEasternSponsor Showcase (Dome) - "blue" group - Part BPlanetarium
7:45 PM8:00 PMEasternDigitalisPlanetarium
8:02 PM8:07 PMEasternAdlerPlanetarium
8:10 PM8:30 PMEasternCosmPlanetarium
8:30 PM8:45 PMEasternLaser FantasyPlanetarium
8:30 PM11:00 PMEasternSternegarten Observatory TourSternegarten Observatory
9:00 PM11:00 PMEasternFulldome ScreeningsPlanetarium
9:00 PM10:00 PMEasternCosm, "Atlas of a Changing Earth" & TBAPlanetarium
10:00 PM10:30 PMEasternAUI, "Big Astronomy"Planetarium
10:30 PM11:00 PMEasternCalifornia Academy of Sciences, "Living Worlds"Planetarium
9:00 PM1:00 AMEasternHospitality SuiteUpjohn
9:30 PM12:00 AMEasternTriviaArcadia

Friday, November 12, 2021

Start TimeEnd TimeLocation
7:30 AM8:45 AMEasternBreakfastArcadia
9:00 AM10:30 AMEasternPaper Session II-AGlens I
9:00 AM9:15 AMEasternRenae Kerrigan, "Every Student Initiative: Working with School Districts & Donors for Curriculum Related Field Trips"Glens I
9:15 AM9:30 AMEasternJohn Potts, "Two Low Cost 3D Printed Experiment Kits for Studying Physics in Remote Laboratories"Glens I
9:30 AM9:45 AMEasternMike Smail, "Building a Teen Intern Program with OpenSpace"Glens I
9:45 AM10:00 AMEasternTiffany Stone Wolbrecht, "NEREID: Converge in the Spaces Between"Glens I
10:00 AM10:15 AMEasternMike Murray, "Promoting Your Online Content"Glens I
10:15 AM10:30 AMEasternRyan Wyatt, "Bringing Living Worlds to Life"Glens I
9:00 AM10:30 AMEasternPaper Session II-BPlanetarium
9:00 AM9:15 AMEasternSara Schultz, Tiffany Stone Wolbrecht, Geoff Holt, "Live from the Planetarium: The Sequel"Planetarium
9:15 AM9:30 AMEasternShannon Schmoll, Denice Blair, Stacey Fox, "World Building on Mars"Planetarium
9:30 AM9:45 AMEasternDiana Yoder, "Blending STEM Education and the Dome, Virtually!"Planetarium
9:45 AM10:00 AMEasternJean Creighton, "Extraterrestrial Life through a Black Lens"Planetarium
10:00 AM10:15 AMEasternMelanie Isenbarger, "Within Reach: Accessibility and Finding Community Through Planetariums"Planetarium
10:15 AM10:30 AMEasternSally Brummel, "Traveling Through Inner Space in the Planetarium: Evaluating Audience Engagement"Planetarium
9:00 AM12:45 PMEasternSponsor Hall OpenKalamazoo
10:30 AM11:00 AMEasternBreakKalamazoo
12:00 PM12:45 PMEasternSpecial Interest Groups
12:00 PM12:45 PMEasternSIG: EducationArcadia
12:00 PM12:45 PMEasternSIG: TechnologyGlens I
12:00 PM12:45 PMEasternSIG: Uniview Users GroupGlens II
12:00 PM12:45 PMEasternSIG: Planetarians for the PlanetGlens III
12:45 PM1:15 PMEasternLunchArcadia
1:15 PM3:15 PMEasternBusiness MeetingArcadia
12:45 PM6:00 PMEasternSponsor BreakdownPlanetarium
12:45 PM6:00 PMEasternSponsor BreakdownKalamazoo
3:30 PM5:00 PMEasternWorkshops
3:30 PM4:15 PMEasternWorkshop I-A: Ash Enterprises Users GroupGlens I
3:30 PM4:15 PMEasternWorkshop I-B: Cosmic CookbookGlens II
4:15 PM5:00 PMEasternWorkshop II-A: Planetarium Pedagogy in a Virtual WorldGlens I
4:15 PM5:00 PMEasternWorkshop II-B: What's Perserverence without a Little Ingenuity?Glens II
5:00 PM6:00 PMEasternFree Time
6:00 PM6:30 PMEasternReceptionArcadia
6:30 PM8:30 PMEasternBanquet & AwardsArcadia
8:30 PM9:30 PMEasternSpitz Lecture: Karrie Berglund - "A Voice in the Dark"Arcadia
9:30 PM1:00 AMEasternHospitality SuiteUpjohn

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Start TimeEnd TimeLocation
7:30 AM9:00 AMEasternBreakfastArcadia
9:00 AM10:00 AMEasternAstronomy Update: Dr. Shannon SchmollArcadia
10:00 AM10:30 AMEasternGroup PhotoArcadia
10:30 AM12:00 PMEasternWorkshops
10:30 AM11:15 AMEasternWorkshop III-A: Alternative Arts Programming in PlanetariumsPlanetarium
10:30 AM12:00 PMEasternWorkshop III-B: Teaching Global Climate Change SolutionsGlens I
12:15 PM1:15 PMEasternInvited Speaker: Grant Harkness - "Space Talks: Utilizing Meteorites as Keys to Conversation"Arcadia
1:15 PM2:15 PMEasternLunchAWH 128
2:15 PM3:15 PMEasternConstellation ShootoutPlanetarium
3:15 PM4:45 PMEasternClosing & Door PrizesArcadia