Paper Session #3b

Moderator: Caroline Fletcher
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  • Telescope Loan Program · Geoff Holt, Madison Metropolitan School District Planetarium, Madison, WI
    Abstract: Our planetarium serves our school district, other area schools, and the community. Over the past few years, we've developed a telescope loan program which has become very popular and well utilized. The program has also been personally rewarding to run. This paper will present the details of our program and what we've learned over the past few years of telescope loans.
  • Our Temporary and Mobile Planetarium Gift Shop · Buck Batson, North Hills High School Planetarium, Pittsburgh, PA
    Abstract: The students of the Astronomy Club at North Hills High School decided this past year to operate a gift shop as part of their fundraising activities. Since we have no permanent display area, the students had to come up with a shop that could be set up, operated, broken down, and stored easily and quickly. Take a look at what we did!
  • Grant Writing and Using the "Mystique" of the Planetarium to Your Advantage · Mark S. Reed, Peter F. Hurst Planetarium, Jackson, MI
    Abstract: Grant writing is an effective method of raising funds in an age where institutional dollars are limited. Funding is especially important during a transition from old planetarium technologies to a digital system. Within this paper, I will share how the "mystique" of a planetarium - when used in combination with passion, vision, and phrasing - have helped me write a number of winning proposals for my facility.