Who do I contact?

The Great Lakes Planetarium Association operates thanks to a large number of volunteers. They are listed on our Executive Committee page. Here's a quick way to contact any of these people by email:
Officers: President, President-Elect, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, IPS Representative
Chairs: Membership, Publications, Education, Conference Planning, Deputy Conference Planning, Development, Technology
Conference Proceedings Editor, Conference Registrar, Deputy Conference Planning Chair, Conference Host, Workshop Coordinator, Conference Paper Coordinator, Door Prize Chair, Conference Photographer, Conference Videographer, GLPA Newsletter Editor, GLPA Gear Manager, AV Resources, Historian, Technologies Ad Hoc Committee
Not sure who to contact? Please refer to the guide below for assistance:
The most current information regarding our annual conferences can be found in the Conferences section of our website. For questions about our conferences in general, or regarding hosting a conference, contact our Conference Planning Chair. Registration questions can be directed to the GLPA Registrar.
Project Ideas
Do you have an idea for a project you'd like to work on which furthers GLPA's goals? Feel free to contact anyone on the Executive Committee, and they will work with you to present the idea as a proposal to the full Executive Committee for consideration.
State Meetings / Who is my State Chair?
Questions regarding the smaller State Organizations can be referred to the State Chairs listed on the State Organizations page.
Communicating to all Members
If you have a question for, or something you want to share with all of the GLPA members, you can post an email to the GLPA Domes email list.
Most questions regarding GLPA membership can be answered by browsing our Membership page. To check on when your membership expires, log into this web site and go to the Membership Renewal page -- your expiration date will be listed in the "Renew Your Membership" box near the top. You can also contact the Membership Chair.
GLPA Newsletter
Information regarding our quarterly GLPA Newsletter can be found on our GLPA Newsletter page. For sponsors looking for information on advertising policies and rates, please visit our advertising rates page. Finally, you can also contact our newsletter editor.
Conference Proceedings
The annual Conference Proceedings is distributed to all current members in the months following the conference. For questions related to this publication, please contact our Proceedings Editor.
Sponsors of GLPA
Questions regarding becoming a sponsor should be directed to our Development Chair. To see a list of our most recent sponsors, follow the links to their company websites found on our Sponsors page.
Questions regarding this website should be directed to the webmaster at webmaster@glpa.org.
GLPA History
Information about the history of GLPA can be found on the History page. You can also contact the GLPA Historian.
Information about printed materials and multimedia resources can be found on our Resources page. Questions related to creating or donating educational resources can also be directed to the Education Chair.
Online Store
The Online Store is managed by the Technology Committee. Here is how to contact our Technology Chair. Questions about the GLPAGear online store should be directed to the GLPAGear Manager.
Financial questions that are not answered by contacting the people above can be referred to the GLPA Treasurer. Here is how to contact the GLPA Treasurer.