Executive Committee - Committee Chairs - Other Positions

Management of GLPA is vested in the Executive Committee consisting of the 6 officers (President, President-Elect, Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Inclusion and Outreach Officer) and 6 chairs of the standing committees (Membership, Development, Publications, Education, Technology, and Conference Planning). The officers are elected every other year at the annual meeting, and start their term on the following Vernal Equinox. The Chairs of the Standing Committees are appointed by the President.
Executive Committee - Elected Officers
Term of Office: Vernal Equinox, 2022 - Vernal Equinox, 2024
Head-shot Photo
Daniel Tell
Morrison Planetarium
California Academy of Sciences
San Francisco, California
Head-shot Photo
Mark Percy
Williamsville Spacelab Planetarium
Williamsville, New York
Head-shot Photo
Past President
Waylena McCully
William M. Staerkel Planetarium
Parkland College
Champaign, Illinois
Head-shot Photo
Tiffany Stone Wolbrecht
Associated Universities Inc.
Canfield, Ohio
Head-shot Photo
Shannon Schmoll
Abrams Planetarium
East Lansing, Michigan
Head-shot Photo
Inclusion and Outreach Officer
Keith Davis
Notre Dame Digital Visualization Theater
Notre Dame, Indiana
Executive Committee - Committee Chairs
Head-shot Photo
Membership Chair
Paulette Epstein
Michigan Science Center
5020 John R Street
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 577-8400, Ext. 435
Head-shot Photo
Publications Chair
Jackie Baughman
East Amherst, New York
Head-shot Photo
Education Chair
Peggy Hernandez
Elgin U-46 Planetarium
Elgin, Illinois
Head-shot Photo
Conference Planning Chair
Renae Kerrigan
Peoria Riverfront Museum
Peoria, Illinois
Head-shot Photo
Development Chair
Steve Crawford
Kalamazoo Valley Museum Plm.
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Head-shot Photo
Technology Chair
Steve Burkland
Adler Planetarium
Chicago, Illinois
Other GLPA Positions
GLPA has other volunteer positions that are also instrumental to its success. These include the conference-related positions (Proceedings Editor, Conference Registrar, Conference Host, Workshop Coordinator, Conference Paper Coordinator, Conference Photographer, Conference Videographer, Door Prize Chair, and Group Photo Key Designer) as well as GLPA Newsletter Editor, GLPA Gear Manager, Audio-Visual Resources Manager, Historian, and any Ad Hoc Committee Chairs.
Head-shot Photo
Proceedings Editor
Waylena McCully
William M. Staerkel Planetarium
Parkland College
Champaign, Illinois
Contact Proceedings Editor
Conference Registrar
Geoff Holt
Madison Metro School District Plm.
Madison, Wisconsin
Deputy Conference Planner
- Open Position -
2022 Conference Host
Mark Percy
Williamsville Spacelab Planetarium
Williamsville, New York
2023 Conference Host
Adam Thanz
Bays Mountain Planetarium
Kingsport, Tennessee
Workshop / Short Course /
Panel Discussion Coordinator
Heidi Westrick
Toledo, Ohio
Conference Paper /
Poster Coordinator
April S. Whitt
Fernbank Science Center
Atlanta, Georgia
Contact Paper Coordinator
Conference Photographer
Anna Green
Stiftung Planetarium Berlin
Berlin, Germany
Conference Videographer /
AV Coordinator
John Foerch
Grand Rapids Public Museum
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Contact Videographer
Door Prize Chair
Kris McCall
Cernan Earth & Space Center
Triton College
River Grove, Illinois
Head-shot Photo
Group Photo Key Designer
Dale W. Smith
Physics & Astronomy Department
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio
Contact Group Photo Key Designer
GLPA Newsletter Editor
Bart Benjamin
Bloomingdale, Illinois
Contact GLPA Newsletter Editor
Audio-Visual Resources
Dave Leake
Champaign, Illinois
Garry Beckstrom
Beckstrom Observatory LLC
Flint, Michigan
Contact Historian