GLPA History


GLPA historical information is organized here by decade or year, depending on the volume of information. Not only can you read about GLPA’s founding and see a list of its charter members, but also read an overview of every annual conference the organization has held. Soon we will be adding group photos and more conference information to the respective years. Other historical documents and information will be added in the future. This section is a work in progress that should be of interest to veterans as well as more recent members of GLPA. Follow the links at the bottom, or in the About GLPA menu to explore the history of GLPA.
GLPA Historian: Garry Beckstrom (
GLPA History: Table of Contents
The Founding of GLPA -- an article that describes how GLPA was founded.
List of GLPA Charter Members -- a list of the original 62 members who founded the organization.
Conference Sites -- an overview of all GLPA conference sites from 1964 to date.
Conference Descriptions -- detailed descriptions of all conferences, sorted by decade.
NEW  Conference Group Photos -- all existing group photos, photo outlines, and keys, sorted by year back to 2010, then by decade for earlier conferences.
NEW  Conference Photos -- downloadable Zip files that contain the full set of official conference photographs taken at recent GLPA conferences (2012 to date), in their original resolution.
GLPA Obituaries -- detailed descriptions of all conferences, sorted by decade.



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