Conference Photos (Zip Files)

The following links allow members to download GLPA's official conference photographs.
  • For all years, these photographs are available as one or more downloadable Zip files [found below], which preserve the full size, resolution, and organizational structure of each Conference Photograph collection.
  • For the 2022 Conference Photo collection, we also provide a link to its Google Drive folder.
  • The conference photographs from many recent conferences can also be found in separate photo albums within GLPA's Facebook Page.
THANK YOU to all our Conference Photographers, who volunteered their time and talent to create GLPA's Conference Photo Archive!
Please note: Because of the large size of these Zip files, downloads could take an extended period of time, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.
NEW  2022 Conference Photos (Anna Green) -- 1.02 GB Zip file
NEW  2022 Conference Photos (Anna Green) -- Google Drive folder link
2019 Conference Photos (Anna Green) -- 8.78 GB Zip file  (large file)
2018 Conference Photos (Anna Green) -- 5.54 GB Zip file  (large file)
2016 Conference Photos (Dan Goins) -- 2.92 GB Zip file  (large file)
2002 Conference Photos -- 6 MB Zip file (from GLPA Newsletter*)
2001 Conference Photos -- 1.49 GB Zip file
2000 Conference Photos -- 1.26 GB Zip file
1999 Conference Photos -- 1 MB Zip file (from GLPA Newsletter*)
1998 Conference Photos -- 83 MB Zip file
1997 Conference Photos -- 195 MB Zip file
1996 Conference Photos -- 133 MB Zip file
1995 Conference Photos -- 239 MB Zip file
1994 Conference Photos -- 166 MB Zip file
1993 Conference Photos -- 138 MB Zip file
1992 Conference Photos -- 4 MB Zip file (from GLPA Newsletter* and Mitch Luman)
1991 Conference Photos -- 262 MB Zip file
1990 Conference Photos -- 2 MB Zip file (from GLPA Newsletter*)
1989 Conference Photos -- 740 MB Zip file
1988 Conference Photos -- 244 MB Zip file
1987 Conference Photos -- 60 MB Zip file
1986 Conference Photos -- 317 MB Zip file
* These conference photographs are low-quality screen grabs from winter issues of the GLPA Newsletter for their respective years. No higher quality images are believed to exist. If better images are found, they will replace or supplement these lower quality versions.