GLPA Newsletter: Advertising Rates and Policy

The GLPA Newsletter reaches planetarium professionals (and potential customers) throughout our Great Lakes region and beyond. Members and Sponsor Members of GLPA are given a discount on advertising, as are all advertisers who purchase a one-year (four issue) ad purchase. For information about advertising in the GLPA Newsletter, please refer to the following rates and guidelines:

Full Page Ad -- sized to fit 8.5" Horiz. x 11" Vert. page space (with 0.4" border) = approx. 7.7" H x 10.2" V
1 Ad -- $100
1 Ad, GLPA Member -- $95
1 Ad, GLPA Sponsor -- $90
4 ads -- $320
4 ads, GLPA Member -- $305
4 ads, GLPA Sponsor -- $290

1/2 Page Ad -- sized to fit 8.5" Horiz. x 5.5" Vert. page space (with 0.4" border) = approx. 7.7" H x 4.9" V
1 Ad -- $65
1 Ad, GLPA Member -- $60
1 Ad, GLPA Sponsor -- $55
4 ads -- $205
4 ads, GLPA Member -- $195
4 ads, GLPA Sponsor -- $185

1/4 Page Ad -- sized to fit 4.25" Horiz. x 5.5" Vert. page space (with 0.4" border) = approx. 3.65" H x 4.9" V
1 Ad -- $45
1 Ad, GLPA Member -- $40
1 Ad, GLPA Sponsor -- $35
4 ads -- $130
4 ads, GLPA Member -- $120
4 ads, GLPA Sponsor -- $110

Payment must accompany any advertisement order, made payable to the Great Lakes Planetarium Association or GLPA. Payments should be sent to the Newsletter Editor (address given below).

The newsletter is rendered as a PDF file for both the digital edition and the printed edition. The printed version of the newsletter is currently produced and mailed out by Dale Smith in Bowling Green, Ohio. The printed newsletter is printed on high-end photocopy machines. Since these machines cannot copy edge-to-edge, a narrow white (unprinted) border appears on every printed page. To ensure that nothing is cut off when rendered by the printing process, the Newsletter Editor re-sizes and positions all page elements to avoid this border. For the benefit of those who read the digital version of the newsletter, the Newsletter Editor colors each page's border with a color that complements the colors found on that page.

Ads must be camera-ready and may be either color or black & white. Color ads will appear full color in the digital (PDF) version of the newsletter, but will be rendered black & white in the printed version. Full page ads may be sent as either a full page PDF file or as a suitably proportioned graphic image (jpg preferred). Smaller sized ads must be sent as a suitably proportioned graphic image (jpg preferred) so that the Newsletter Editor can fit it onto a page with other ads or newsletter articles.

To ensure fair treatment, half-page ads for multi-issue purchases are alternated in their placement between the top half and bottom half of the page (assuming that the other half of the page is also an advertisement). To further ensure fair treatment, the relative placement of ads within the newsletter is changed from one issue to the next.

GLPA reserves the right to refuse ads. GLPA's liability is limited to the cost of the ad. Deadlines for all submissions to the GLPA Newsletter are as follows:

February 1 -- Spring Equinox issue
May 1 -- Summer Solstice issue
August 1 -- Autumnal Equinox issue
November 1 -- Winter Solstice issue

Advertisers who wish their ad to carry over to the next issue do not need to resend their ad if there are no changes. So long as the advertiser's contract with GLPA hasn't expired, the Newsletter Editor will insert the same ad as before unless he/she is informed otherwise.

Advertisers with a current contract who wish to change their ad may submit their new ad as late as the 15th of the months of February, May, August, and November, for the respective issues described above.

To purchase an advertisement or for more information, please contact:

Bart Benjamin
GLPA Newsletter Editor
302 Mission Court
Bloomingdale  IL  60108
Payments should also be sent to this address. 
Please include your name, company name, address, phone number, and e-mail address with any inquiry or order. Thank you for your interest in the GLPA Newsletter!