GLPA Newsletter: Cover History

Newsletter cover evolution

GLPA Newsletter Cover History is a three-part series of PDF documents that present miniature cover illustrations, issue numbers, and Editor history for every GLPA Newsletter from the first issue in 1966 to the current issue.


Below are digital (PDF) versions of the GLPA Newsletter Cover History, which can be read or downloaded to your computer.

glpa_covers_1966-1985.pdf includes newsletter covers from 1966 through 1985.

glpa_covers_1986-2005.pdf includes newsletter covers from 1986 through 2005.

glpa_covers_2006-date.pdf included newsletter covers from 2006 to the current issue.


Your computer is most likely already set up to accept this type of file, but in case you find that it isn't, you'll need to download the free application Adobe Acrobat Reader or some other PDF viewer.