GLPA Newsletter Guidelines

GLPA Newsletter: Guidelines and Policies for Contributors


The GLPA Newsletter welcomes submissions of interest to members of the Great Lakes Planetarium Association and the larger planetarium community. This includes, but is not limited to planetarium news, member announcements, minutes of Executive Committee meetings and GLPA’s Annual Business meeting, conference information, biennial elections, regular columns, and member articles.

The GLPA Newsletter is prepared using Swift Publisher 4 (BeLight Software), Pages (Apple), Photoshop Elements (Adobe), and several additional applications to render the finished PDF document. All submissions should be emailed directly to the GLPA Newsletter Editor. If submissions cannot be sent via email, please contact the Editor to discuss alternate methods. Payments for advertising should be sent directly to the GLPA Treasurer.


GLPA Newsletter Deadlines

The GLPA Newsletter is published quarterly with digital and printed editions distributed near the onset of each season. The official deadline for submissions to the GLPA Newsletter are February 1 (Vernal Equinox issue), May 1 (Summer Solstice issue), August 1 (Autumnal Equinox issue), and November 1 (Winter Solstice issue).

Advertisers with a current contract who wish to change their ad may submit their new ad as late as the 15th of the months of February, May, August, and November, for the respective issues described above. Advertisers who wish their ad to carry over to the next issue do not need to resend their ad if there are no changes. So long as the advertiser's contract with GLPA hasn't expired, the Newsletter Editor will insert the same ad as before unless he/she is informed otherwise.

The final deadline dates for receipt of all submitted materials are February 20, May 20, August 20, and November 20, for the respective issues described above.


Text guidelines

Text can be submitted in several ways, as follows:

  1. As text within the body of the email. Please make note of any special formatting requests.
  2. As an attachment. Preferred file options include Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), Apple Pages (.pages), and Adobe PDF (.pdf).
  3. Please try not to include images embedded within the submitted document. Images should instead be submitted as separate attachments. [See next section].


Image guidelines

Images should be submitted by email attachment or by using a large-file transfer service such as WeTransfer, Dropbox, or YouSendIt.

Accepted file types are .jpg, .tif, or .png. Best results are obtained with files with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch. Jpeg files are compressed by their nature and care must be given to keep the image detailed enough to print well. Please err on the side of quality rather than compression. The Editor reserves the right to edit, crop, or downsize submitted images to improve their appearance and/or to limit the overall file size of the newsletter.

All images should be accompanied by explanatory captions and credits (i.e. the photographer’s name).


Article guidelines

Articles submitted to the GLPA Newsletter are accepted for publication if they are relevant to the planetarium community, follow GLPA’s guidelines, weren’t presented at GLPA’s annual conference (and would therefore appear in the GLPA Proceedings), or aren’t better suited for another publication.

If the article is technology-related, the focus should be on how a planetaria uses his or her planetarium’s equipment to accomplish a planetarium-related task. Although articles may mention specific pieces of equipment, manufacturers, and/or vendors, the article must not exhibit the characteristics of native advertising, whereby an article resembles the style of a newsletter article but serves primarily to promote one or more advertiser’s products. No article should read like a product review, no matter how well it is researched. Similarly, articles may not be used to introduce new lines of planetarium-related equipment; such presentations are better suited for a vendor presentation at GLPA’s annual conference.


Advertising guidelines

GLPA Newsletter advertising rates are provided online at


Current and Past Issues of the GLPA Newsletter

Current issues of the GLPA Newsletter can be downloaded from Past issues of the GLPA Newsletter can be downloaded from the GLPA Newsletter Archive at


State News section and GLPA Sponsors

The State News section of the GLPA Newsletter is reserved for reports from planetarium facilities and news from unaffiliated GLPA members (i.e. members who are retired, unemployed, between jobs, etc.). It may not be used to disseminate news from sponsors, outside organizations, or companies.


Copyright Agreement

By making a submission to the GLPA Newsletter, authors certify that their words are their own. By submitting an image, the author certifies that necessary copyrights have been obtained.


Please address all inquiries and submissions to:

Bart Benjamin
Editor, GLPA Newsletter
Contact Bart Benjamin


Most Recent Update: January, 2023