Sponsor Registration

Only one person from your organization should enter the company sponsorship information (step 2 below).

To register, please follow the steps listed below (in order). The steps highlighted in green have been completed. The step highlighted in yellow (and containing underlined links) is the current step, and steps highlighted in red are unavailable until you complete additional steps.

Unlike prior years, after signing up your company to sponsor the conference (step 2 below), you'll need to return to this page to register yourself and any other representatives who are planning to attend the conference (step 3 below).

You'll need to first log into the web site, then sign your company up as a sponsor. After doing this, you can choose to either attend the conference as a member (by renewing your GLPA membership, then signing up to attend the conference as a member) or as a non-member sponsor representative. Maintaining an individual membership with GLPA includes advantages such as the opportunity to present papers/posters, attend workshops, and vote. You can follow either the steps on the left side of the table below (3a + 3b) if you wish to attend the conference as a member, or the steps on the right side of the table (3) if you wish to attend as a non-member.

Both the member and non-member registration pages include the option for the company's Primary Contact to register multiple people at once. Employees who have their own GLPA web site accounts can register themselves, if desired, using a specific URL provided by the Primary Contact. (This address will appear below after you sign up to sponsor the conference.)

Step 1: Log in to GLPA web site:
Click to log in to the GLPA web site.
Step 2: Sign up to sponsor the conference
If you are attending as a member:
If you are attending as a non-member:
Step 3a: Renew GLPA Membership
Step 3: Register for conference (without becoming a member)
Step 3b: Register for conference as a member
after registering:
Step 4: Reserve a hotel room for the conference
Click to learn about the conference hotels and how to reserve your room.
Step 5: Travel to the conference
Click to see a map of the conference sites to plan your trip.