GLPA Online Store

The GLPA Online Store has been created to make it easier for people to purchase resources (e.g. show kits, show scripts, TIPS booklets, Conference Proceedings, and similar planetarium resources) and pay for membership. Most of the items in the store are more expensive if you are not a GLPA member. GLPA members should LOG IN in order to see the member price.


To make any credit card purchases secure, our payments are made through PayPal which charges us a small fee for each transaction. The purchases through PayPal are safe, and you do NOT need a PayPal membership. If you encounter any issues with the GLPA Online Store, contact the Technology Chair.


Proceed to the GLPA Online Store for planetarium resources.



GLPA also has a new GLPAGear Store to purchase a wide variety of GLPA logo clothing and accessories offered by For more information about the GLPAGear Store, please read this explanatory article written by GLPAGear Manager Todd DeZeeuw.



Proceed to the GLPAGear Store for GLPA logo clothing and accessories.