GLPA Conference Proceedings: 1985

Proceedings Editor:  Bart Benjamin, Cernan Earth & Space Center, Triton College, River Grove, Illinois.

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Title Author Year Abstract
Sunset, Sunrise and Exit Music for Planetariums Allen, Robert 1985 Abstract: The author describes his methods for selecting appropriate background music for the planetarium.
Audio-visual Ideas for Representing the Sky Bishop, Dr. Jeanne E. 1985 Abstract: Using simple and inexpensive materials, the author shares some of her ideas for developing simple sky demonstrations, as well as reporting recent results in left and right brain studies.
Halley's Comet: The Planetarium's Role Chapman, Dr. Robert 1985 Abstract: Dr. Chapman, who's involved in the International Halley Watch, discusses the history of Halley's Comet and the role of the planetarium in its upcoming apparition.
Look Ma! No Wires Elliott, Dr. Robert 1985 Abstract: The author describes his method for remotely controlling projectors in the planetarium.
Choosing Eyepieces for Your Observatory Hunt, Jeffery L. 1985 Abstract: The author presents the subject of selecting eyepieces, including a discussion of terminology and his own eyepiece recommendations.
Planetariums and the Space Program - A Perspective Knapp, Richard S. 1985 Abstract: The author shares memorable experiences and accomplishments of his career, the changing relationship between NASA and the planetarium community, and his role in training astronauts in the planetarium.
Probing the Big Bang with an Accelerator Kolb, Dr. Edward 1985 Abstract: Dr. Kolb discusses the subject of cosmology, the dynamic nature of the universe, the big bang model, and how particle physics research can contribute to our overall understanding of these subjects.
An Inexpensive Under-Cove Shelf for Auxiliaries Marshall, Jon 1985 Abstract: The author describes the construction of a light-tight shelf for auxiliary projectors mounted below his planetarium's already existing cove shelf.
Modems to Mars Peterson, Carolyn 1985 Abstract: The author describes her computer bulletin board network which allows users to receive information on Mars research and the future exploration of Mars.
Factories in Space Richman, Dr. David 1985 Abstract: Dr. Richman from the McDonnell-Douglas Astronautics Division, discusses electrophoresis experiments aboard the Space Shuttle and the past, present and future of space manufacturing.
Summer Enrichment in the Planetarium Sampson, Gary 1985 Abstract: The author discusses two summer programs for children that he has developed in the planetarium.
Project Starwalk after One Year Schafer, Sheldon 1985 Abstract: The author describes the project Starwalk educational program and its benefit to the planetarium and participating schools after one year of operation.
Using a Laser Disk Player and Video Projector Skonieczny, Tim 1985 Abstract: The author discusses his use of a laser disk player and projector to access pictures and video clips for planetarium programs.
Exit Lighting in the Planetarium Smith, Dr. Dale 1985 Abstract: The author discusses the legal considerations of planetarium exit lighting and his own efforts at planning and installing an adequate emergency lighting system.
Curriculum Guides - A Necessary Evil Thompson, Rod 1985 Abstract: The author describes his development of a series of curriculum guides for teachers of grades one through six.
Teaching Geography in the Space Age Whitt, April 1985 Abstract: The author describes a workshop for elementary and high school geography teachers conducted at Adler Planetarium during fall of 1985.