GLPA Project Proposal Guidelines

Guidelines for Submitting Project Proposals

to the Project Review Subcommittee for Funding by GLPA


GLPA Project Grant Opportunity:


The Great Lakes Planetarium Association offers financial support for projects or presentations or activities that enhance visitor experiences in our planetarium facilities. These projects must benefit as many GLPA members as possible. The amount of money requested will be weighed against the benefits to our members, impacts on astronomy education, and sometimes on our ability to recoup our cost. Funds requested may include materials and outside professional services, but may not include payment for personal time or in-house services. The project is to be aligned with the NGSS or the applicants state standards and possibly with the GLPA astronomy literacy document.

Examples of past projects supported by GLPA include: Paper Plate Astronomy, the Cosmic Colors fulldome show, the Solar System Adventure Tour show kit, and the Zubenelgenubi's Magic Sky show kit.


Please contact the GLPA Education Chair with questions or for more information.


Applications can be submitted anytime to the Education Chair by completing a digital application. A team of GLPA members including the Education Chair will evaluate the applications for the project. This team will present applications and their recommendations to the GLPA Executive Committee who will decide final approval or denial. If denied, the Education Committee will offer feedback to the applicant so that he or she may re-submit if desired.


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