Planetarium Social Media Resources

Planetarians now have a variety of social media platforms on the Internet to share ideas, collaborate on projects, share photographs and web links, and much more. Here are the primary social media resources:




Facebook logo

GLPA’s Facebook page
Administrators: Renae Kerrigan, Michael McConville, Tom Dobes, Paulette Epstein
GLPA's Facebook page contains planetarium-related news and announcements. Its Photos section houses conference photos going back more than 20 years.



Twitter logo

GLPA’s Twitter page
Administrator: Mike Smail
GLPA's Twitter page contains planetarium-related news and announcements. Frequent updates often occur during GLPA conferences, state meetings, and other events.



Slack logo

Slack (Planetarians team)
Workspace Owners (for #glpa): Derrick Rohl, Mike Smail, and Steve Burkland
Slack is a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services, including chat rooms (Slack call them channels) organized by topic, as well as private groups and direct messaging. With Slack you can initiate private conversations with any number of people at once, or simply take part in public conversations with the full channel, much like a listserv or forum. All content inside Slack is searchable, including files, conversations, and people. And unlike Facebook and Twitter, there are no ads or junk posts that you have to scroll past to get to the relevant planetarium-related content. Slack can be accessed on just about any device.
From a planetarian’s standpoint, the most relevant portion of the Slack universe is, a Slack “team” which encompasses the broad planetarium field. Within this Planetarians team are a number of channels to join, including one (#glpa) which is specific to GLPA. New public or private channels can be created by users for different projects, equipment-related discussions, conferences, and any other subset of the planetarium profession.
To request an invitation to join the Planetarians team, please visit



Dome Dialogues logo

GLPA’s Instagram page
Administrators: Jackie Baughman, Michael McConville
GLPA's Instagram page contains planetarium-related photos and videos.



Dome Dialogues logo

The Dome Dialogues
You will need to be a Facebook member and submit a request to join this closed group
Administrators: Michael McConville, Derek Demeter, Anna Green, Renae Kerrigan, Dan Tell
The Dome Dialogues is a place that is open to anyone with a connection to the planetarium community. In its membership, the group has educators, technicians, directors, producers, administrators, and vendors. The conversations that result are what The Dome Dialogues has always been about: this is a place for people who care about what we do, and where we go from here. At its heart, The Dome Dialogues is about bringing our planetarium community together for a greater good.