Invitation Letter

Sponsor Hall Floorplan (with table locations/layout)

Conference Sponsorship Deadlines:

  • October 1 - Registration Deadline — Regular Registration ends
  • October 2-October 11 - Late Sponsor Registration (late fees increase each day during this period)
  • October 11 - Full dome content must be received by this date
  • October 19 - Unbooked rooms at hotel are released
  • October 27 - Registration/meal selection ends for sponsor representatives (employees)
  • November 1 - Conference bag items must be received by the conference host by this date
  • November 3 - First date for equipment to arrive at museum
  • November 10 - Conference starts
  • November 13 - Conference ends

Important / New Information

  • This year includes a significant amount of non-plenary time in the sponsor hall in addition to dedicated time on the schedule.
  • The convenient location, with the conference hotel being only a short walk from the planetarium, has also allowed for greater availability of time under the dome.
  • There is no longer a different cost for including a 2D or 3D item in the conference bag. There is now a single per-item fee, which matches the 2D item fee from 2019.
  • Delegates will be offered the opportunity to attend the conference either in-person or via Zoom. In addition to the normal conference bag items, we'll be collecting items to be distributed to remote attendees in a "goody box" similar to 2020's virtual conference. There is a single fee for inclusion of items in both the conference bag and "goody box."
  • In a change introduced at the 2018 conference, sponsorship is à la carte. You are able to sign up for the specific amount of exhibit space and plenary time you desire.
  • There are two distinct registration processes for sponsors:
    1. Signing up the company for a sponsorship (e.g. selecting sponsorship level, amount of plenary time and exhibit hall space, etc.)
    2. Registering individual employees (sponsor representatives) to attend the conference (e.g. entering their names and selecting meal options, including the banquet)
  • Membership is no longer included in registration, nor is it required. You and members of your team are not required to join GLPA but are more than welcome to do so. You will be offered an opportunity to join as you work through the Sponsor Representative registration process.
  • If sponsorship requests can be accommodated after the sponsor registration deadline (October 1), a $50 per day late fee will be assessed. For example, a registration on October 3 will be assessed a $100 late fee, while a registration on October 9 will be assessed a $400 late fee.

Sponsorship Options and Costs

The following items contribute to your sponsorship level:

Company Registration Fee
Plenary Presentation Time5 minutes - $50
10 minutes - $300
15 minutes - $650
20 minutes - $1,000
Exhibit Hall Space70 sq feet - $300
7x10' STANDARD booth includes one 8' table with tablecloth and skirt and 2 chairs with pipe and drape on three sides
140 sq feet - $600
7x20' DOUBLE WIDE booth includes your choice of one or two 8' tables with tablecloths and skirts and 2 or 4 chairs with pipe and drape on three sides
280 sq feet - $900
14x20' XL booth includes your choice of one or two 8' tables with tablecloths and skirts and up to 6 chairs with pipe and drape on three sides
Portable Dome Space
note that space is limited
441 sq feet - $200
21x21' plus 1 table and 2 chairs, no pipe and drape
729 sq ft - $300
27x27' plus 1 table and 2 chairs, no pipe and drape

The following items do not contribute to your sponsorship level:

One item in Conference bag and "goody box"$50
Late Night Fulldome Film Festival$9/minute
Late Fees$50/day after October 1
Hotel Fees for Exhibit Hall
extension cord provided by hotel (includes taxes & rounded)
You may also provide your own extension cords.
power strip provided by hotel (includes taxes & rounded)
You may also provide your own power strips.
wired internet connection
All sponsors, exhibitors, and delegates will have access to wifi in all conference hotel spaces. If an exhibitor needs a wired connection for any reason, they will have to pay this extra fee. (includes taxes & rounded)
power drop
If an exhibitor needs more than standard 120VAC, they will have to pay this extra fee. (includes taxes & rounded)

Sponsorship Levels

About the planetarium

The Kalamazoo Valley Museum planetarium has a 50 foot dome with a 10° tilt. It is equipped with Digistar 6 (2x JVC DLA-SH7NL projectors) and ChromaCove lighting. (might be upgraded to Digistar 7 by the conference?) There are 109 seats (unidirectional/epicentric), and about 60 square feet of space available in the center of the planetarium for your equipment.

About the sponsor hall

The sponsor hall will be located in the "Kalamazoo Room" at the conference hotel. This is an approximately 10,000 square foot room with a ceiling height of 10 feet. Outlets are available along the outside walls and on columns within the exhibit hall. Exhibit hall space will be equipped with rectangular tables which are 8' in length. (The photos above show the sponsor hall space, but our table layout will be different.) A provisional sponsor hall floorplan is available for the room.

Sending your equipment to the conference site

You must contact the conference host to coordinate shipping. Equipment can be sent to:
Kalamazoo Valley Museum Dock #4
230 N Rose St
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Please ship so that packages arrive on or after November 3rd.

Sending your fulldome content

To allow preparation time before the conference, please ensure that fulldome content is received by the conference host before or on October 11th.

Conference bag / "goody box" items

Since we are offering a virtual conference attendance option this year, we will send any items you provide for conference attendee bags to remote/virtual participants in "goody boxes" much like we did for the 2020 virtual conference. The fee for adding items to the conference bag (same as the "2D" item fee from 2019) covers both placing the items in the conference bags (for in-person attendees) as well as sending these same items to virtual attendees.

To include your items in both the in-person conference bag and virtual "goody box", please send the items to:

Kalamazoo Valley Museum
230 N Rose St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Please ensure that the items arrive by November 1.

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