Registration Q&A

Q. Do I need to be a member of GLPA to attend a conference?

A. You must pay membership dues to attend a conference. 


Q. I need a roommate for the conference. How can I find one?

A. Send a message to GLPADomes ( and/or to Dome-L ( stating that you are looking for a roommate.


Q. Will it be safe to drink and bathe in Flint water?

A. Water coolers and/or bottled water will be readily available at all conference venues. Filters have been installed on water sources where practical. Using tap water for hand washing and bathing is completely safe. For more information visit


Q. What if I’m not able to walk between the conference hotel and the conference site?

A. Bus transportation between the conference hotel, the overflow hotel, and the conference site will be provided at varied intervals during the day and evening.


Q. Do I have to purchase the meal package?

A. No. However, most delegates prefer to purchase the meal package for convenience sake and to enjoy networking with colleagues while eating. The closest restaurants are about a 20-minute walk.


Q. What if my spouse wants to join me for the banquet on Friday night?

A. You can purchase an additional banquet meal separately when you register.


Q. What if I can’t attend after I’ve registered? Will I be eligible for a refund?

A. The cut-off date to receive a full refund (less any late fees) is October 12, 2016. After that, the availability and amount of a refund will depend on the timing and the financial commitments already made on your behalf (such as meals). Contact the Conference Registrar ( if it becomes necessary to cancel.