"Cosmic Colors" Traditional Show Kit

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Cosmic Colors title

GLPA Traditional Show Kit: Cosmic Colors

Program Description:

Cosmic Colors will take you on a wondrous journey across the entire electromagnetic spectrum.  Discover the many reasons for color—like why the sky is blue and why Mars is red.  Take a tour within a plant leaf and journey inside the human eye.  Investigate x-rays by voyaging to a monstrous black hole and then back at your doctor’s office.  You will even see the actual color of a dinosaur--based on recent evidence.  Get ready for an amazing adventure under a rainbow of cosmic light! Target audience is 5th grade and above.
Preview the entire fulldome version of the program on YouTube:

Technical Description:

Show length is 31 minutes. The show kit is provided on 1 playable DVD, and 1 DVD-ROM data disk. The data disk contains the following:
  • Folder - All skies for Traditional (9 all-skies)
  • Folder - Cosmic Colors Optional Visuals (30 images)
  • Folder - Slides for Traditional (227 images)
  • Folder - Audio and Video
    - Video: wmv file
    - Audio: stereo wav file
    - Audio: stereo mp3 file
  • Cosmic Colors Poster PDF
  • Teachers guide  PDF
  • Traditional script   PDF
  • Additional Slides and effects   PDF
  • GLPA license agreement   PDF
  • Slide list   PDF


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