Honorary Life Member Nomination Form

Honorary Life Member: Deadline Vernal Equinox

Honorary Life Membership is awarded for exemplary career contributions to the planetarium profession and the Great Lakes Planetarium Association.

Any current member in good standing of GLPA may nominate a candidate by submitting an application and supporting documentation to the Membership Chair. The Executive Committee may nominate candidates and award this status at its discretion. Nominees may not be self-nominated.



  • Current GLPA member in good standing for several years, retired from regular full-time professional employment.
  • Shall adhere to the GLPA Code of Ethics for the Planetarium Profession.
  • Shall have performed exceptional, long-term service to the organization and planetarium profession in multiple areas.


Service to GLPA may include:

  • Serving GLPA in elected offices, appointed chairs, committee work and/or conference planning.
  • Relevant and significant publications for the planetarium profession, including conference paper presentations.
  • Active involvement in multiple local, state, regional, national and international planetarium and astronomy education organizations.
  • The development and communication of innovative techniques, methods or materials for the benefit planetarium profession.