GLPA Logo and Brand history

The Great Lakes Planetarium Association has had three logo designs in its history.


The first GLPA logo debuted on the nameplate of the Spring, 1967 issue of the GLPA Newsletter. This 1967 version would be used through the autumn of 1980.
[46 issues]

GLPA original logo (v1967)



The second GLPA logo was approved at the autumn, 1979 GLPA Executive Committee meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This 1979 version would be used on the nameplate of the GLPA Newsletter through the autumn of 2019.  [154 issues]

GLPA second logo (v1979)



The third (and current) GLPA logo was approved at the 2019 GLPA Annual Business Meeting in Toledo, Ohio. Variations of this logo are currently used by the Great Lakes Planetarium Association.

GLPA third and current logo (v2020)


Design Subcommittee

The GLPA Design Subcommittee is a standing committee within GLPA's Publications Committee. The purpose of the Design Subcommittee is to work with all committees and subcommittees to coordinate consistent brand related graphics and enhance the aesthetic quality of all design elements.

In addition to designing several variations of this new logo, the Design Subcommittee prepared a GLPA Logo and Brand Guidelines document to define the approved parameters of this new design, including design variations, colors, use guidelines, fonts, and usage examples.

Those who wish to use the GLPA logo to prepare forms, documents, publications, web pages, conference materials, or merchandise must adhere to these guidelines. For a copy of the GLPA Logo and Brand Guidelines and/or to request access to logo image files, please contact GLPA's Publications Chair.