"Space Dreams" show kit

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GLPA Show Kit: Space Dreams

Program Description:

Staring into the seemingly endless universe has always raised the biggest questions. What's out there? How do we get there?
Target audience grades 5 and up.

Credits:  This show kit was produced and donated by the former Minneapolis Planetarium, and digitized by the staff and students of the Southwest Minnesota State University Planetarium.

Technical Description:

This show kit includes 288 scanned slides (some may require clean-up) and the script on a DVD-ROM, and the soundtrack on an audio CD. Show length is 40 minutes. The kit does not include video clips that may be suggested in the script. Total of digital files = 4.7 GB.


This program is available as a digital package on DVD-ROM & CD only.  Price: $25 ($30 for non-members).