"Winter Wonders" show kit

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GLPA Show Kit: Winter Wonders

Program Description:

Join two curious kids as they explore the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem and the Winter Solstice. Hear cultural stories for the Sun's triumphant return from China, Africa, Polynesia and many more stops from around the globe.
Target audience grades 1 and up.

Credits:  This show kit was produced and donated by the former Minneapolis Planetarium, and digitized by the staff and students of the Southwest Minnesota State University Planetarium.

Technical Description:

This show kit includes 173 scanned slides (some clean-up may be required), the soundtrack as a WAV file, and the script, on a CD-ROM. Show length is 43 minutes. The kit does not include video clips that may be suggested in the script. Total of digital files = 2.8 GB.


This program is available as a digital package on DVD-ROM only.  Price: $25  ($30 for non-members).