"Solar System Adventure" - Digital (3-screen) ADD-ON

SKU: 109

GLPA Show Kits: Solar System Adventure Tour - Digital 3-screen  ADD ON

Program Description:

This is an add-on for the regular Solar System Adventure Tour digital show kit. You must purchase, or must have already purchased the full show package to use this 3-disk option.

Other packages for this show include: digital show kit which includes the sound track, still images, and script; and the 3-screen only version of the program which includes 3 DVDs intented for simultaneous play -- both packages are the same price.

Technical Description:

The contents of the show kit are provided on 3 DVDs, which are meant to play simultaneously on separate video projectors. The show package also contains a script, image list, production notes, educational concepts and a teacher evaluation form in PDF format. Special effects are suggested and described but are not necessary to run the program. Show length is 32 minutes.


3 DVDs (DVD-R) developed for a 3-screen video system in which all 3 DVDs play at the same time. Stills, audio, and video segments are are incorporated into the DVDs. Purchase, or previous purchase of full show package required. Cost: $15 for members  ($20 for non-members).