Instructions to Authors

Thank you for giving a paper at this year’s Great Lakes Planetarium Association Conference.

The Conference Proceedings will contain texts of all invited and contributed papers and most workshops. Texts for poster papers may be briefer than those for oral papers.

In addition to filling out the paper submission form, you are required to submit a text of your oral or poster paper for the Proceedings by the date below or your presentation will be canceled.



If you are presenting a workshop, you are encouraged to submit a text but are not required to do so. In recent years, nearly all workshop presenters have submitted texts.

Please submit your text to the Proceedings Editor in electronic form, as follows:

  • Preferred methodby e-mail, as an attachment in Word format.
  • Alternate method — on a thumb drive, as a Word file.

Paper format (include all of these items)

Header information
  • title of paper
  • your name
  • institutional affiliation and mailing address
  • e-mail address
Abstract, clearly marked as such. Limit 100 words. Longer abstracts will be edited down.

Narrative text
  • You must submit a narrative text for the Proceedings.
  • Your PowerPoint file cannot be used as your paper in the Proceedings.


Should be in jpg or gif format and include a caption in the text file.
Send figures as separate files from your text, even if they also appear in your text file.

Large files!

If any of your file sizes exceed 10 MB, do not send them as e-mail attachments. Send them on a thumb drive or use Dropbox.

Note to Authors:

New for 2019!
Please review the attached PDF file, which provides more detailed instructions and formatting examples to help ensure that your paper will look good when formatted to the final Proceedings layout.

  How to Ensure That Your Paper Will Look Great (PDF)

Proceedings Editor

Dr. Dale W. Smith
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403
phone: +1 419 372 8666
fax: +1 419 372 9938