"Zubenelgenubi's Magic Sky" - Digital

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GLPA Show Kits: Zubenelgenubi's Magic Sky

Program Description:

In this lively participatory program characters come alive as the daytime and nighttime sky are explored. The program uses simple astronomy concepts and is intended for kindergarten or first grade students. The planetarium director plays the part of Zubenelgenubi, and has lines that fit into the presentation of the show. During the show, the audience is introduced to Tracy the telephone pole, Hydro the hydrant, and a talking Sun and Moon (shown above). A section for constellation identification is provided, which is followed by a story and stormy sky. Students pitch in to help to blow the storm away and the program ends with a peaceful sunrise and new day.

Suggestions are given for a short introduction to the program, which may include models, globes or any number of astronomy demonstrations. These introductory techniques often make students more comfortable and help create an interesting and exciting learning environment.

Technical Description:

The program has 153 slides and can be run with a minimum of two carousel-slide projectors. The audio track, produced with high quality digital sound is available on CD or cassette formats. The show package also contains a script, slide list, production notes, teacher guide and evaluation form. Special effects are suggested and described but are not necessary to run the program. Taped show length is 22 minutes (not including the designed pauses).

The show kit is available in two formats, Digital and Slides.

This page is for the Digital format, which includes a DVD with soundtrack (mp3), script (pdf), 153 images in PSD & TIF format, TIF masks, AVI video. Available to non-members for an additional fee. Cost: $25 for members  ($30 for non-members).