"Solar System Adventure" - Digital (3-screen)

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GLPA Show Kits: Solar System Adventure Tour - Digital 3-screen

Program Description:

The purpose of this program is to provide the planetarium industry with an inexpensive, participatory Solar System presentation for use with middle-elementary age students (grades 3-4). The program allows students to become mission specialists while their spaceship takes them on an educational adventure past the sun, moon and planets of our Solar System (fellow crew members shown above). Upon entering the planetarium students are given one of three mission cards: Planet Specialist, Math Expert or Flight Engineer. During the flight the captain asks for information from a specific mission card. Upon this request, the student holding the card enters the data into an imaginary remote computer, which they are told ties into the main computer system. The information they think they supplied is timed to magically appear as data on the dome.

The emphasis on astronomy education concepts combined with the participatory nature of the presentation give students a fun and interesting planetarium experience. Students often cheer at the end when they proudly complete their mission.

Note: As of October, 2008, this program has been updated to include current imagery and video clips. Images and soundtrack have been edited so that the number of moons for each planet is not specified, and Pluto is not referred to as a planet.

Technical Description:

The contents of the show kit are provided on 3 DVDs, which are meant to play simultaneously on separate video projectors. The show package also contains a script, image list, production notes, educational concepts and a teacher evaluation form in PDF format. Special effects are suggested and described but are not necessary to run the program. Show length is 32 minutes.


For grades 7-adult. This digital show kit is created in the 3-screen video format as 3 DVDs, 37 minutes. Available to non-members for an additional fee. $40 for members. $45 for non-members.