How to Present a Poster

What is a poster?

A poster is an alternative to giving an oral paper. Do you have something that would take longer than 10 minutes to explain or something that can be explained in only 2 minutes? Do you want to emphasize part of your oral presentation? Are you looking for ideas or resources about a particular topic?
If any of the above answers are "yes," then a poster may be the way to go. And you’ll earn a $25 credit toward your registration fee!

Here is all you have to do.

Create a visual display that will fit on 4 feet of table (or floor) space and set it up in your assigned spot in the Vendor Hall on the first day of the conference. Having a stack of handouts describing your poster for delegates to take would also be helpful. Don't forget to submit a written summary of your poster to the Proceedings Editor for publication to qualify for the $25 credit.

Constructing your poster on site

If you are concerned about transporting a 4-by-3 foot piece of cardboard (you know, the science fair type of display boards), then have we got a deal for you! Bring all your information with you to the conference. We will have a limited number of poster boards for you to use; be sure to check this option on the poster submission form. We’ll even furnish the pushpins to mount your information on the board. You just construct your poster on the spot the first day of the conference (of course, you need to remove your information on the last day of the conference). If you don’t want push pin holes in your photos, mount your photos on larger paper (using corner tabs, removable mounting squares, etc.) then use push pins to attach the larger paper. We keep the display boards for the next conference. That's all there is to it. Give it a try!


GLPA poster boards are sized as below:

 Poster presenters are required to submit a write up for the GLPA Proceedings.