Conference Proceedings, Video, & Photos

Conference Proceedings

The Proceedings is an annual publication which provides a PDF document containing the talks, speeches, addresses, papers and other presentations at the annual fall conference. Other articles submitted during the year may also be published in the Proceedings. The Proceedings has been published each year since 1984. A comprehensive index of the Proceedings from 1984 through 1993 is available as a separate publication.
Browse the Conference Proceedings abstracts. Members may also download each year's Conference Proceedings and any supplemental materials.


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Archived Conference Video

We have been recording select sessions during our conferences since 2012. These recordings are archived online for your convenience. You may access them using the links below.

Additionally, videos from our past conferences are also available on our YouTube channel.

Archived Conference Photos

GLPA's full collection of conference photos can be found at its Conference Photos web page. Lower resolution photos from previous conferences can be found on its Facebook Page.

Supplementary Conference Photos (i.e. photos taken by delegates other than the official Conference Photographer) exist for GLPA conferences from 2013 to date. To download Zip files of these additional conference photo collections, please visit GLPA's Conference Photos page.

NOTE: Since some browsers are unable to download file sizes greater than 2 GB, you may need to use a download helper (like Free Download Manager or aria2) to download these files.