GLPA State Organizations

GLPA's State Organizations provide a local network of planetarians. The state organizations also convene annually for a meeting or mini-conference. You do not need to be a member of GLPA to participate in the state meetings. If you have questions about any of the state organizations or meetings, feel free to contact the appropriate State Chair below. News items about your facility that you'd like to see published in the GLPA Newsletter should also be sent to your State Chair in late-January (for spring), late-April (for summer), late-July (for autumn), or late-October (for winter).

The following chairpersons were elected during the state meeting at the election-year GLPA conference. (elections held in odd-numbered years) If you would like to be on the ballot to become a State Chair, contact the President-Elect to let her/him know, and come to the state meeting at the conference. Eligible candidates include anyone who identifies her/his self with that state organization, is willing to serve, and is able to attend the fall conference.


Tom Willmitch Photo
Tom Willmitch
ISU Planetarium
Normal, Illinois
Melinda O'Malley Photo
Melinda O'Malley
PHM Planetarium
Mishawaka, Indiana
Paulette Epstein Photo
Paulette Epstein
Michigan Science Center
Detroit, Michigan
Dale Smith Photo
Dale Smith
Physics and Astronomy Dept
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio
Jean Creighton Photo
Jean Creighton
Manfred Olson Planetarium
Univers of WI - Milwaukee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mary Holt Photo
Beyond the Lakes
Mary Holt
Morrison Planetarium
California Academy of Sciences
San Francisco, California

Annual State Meetings

GLPA facilitates State Organizations that serve as local networks for planetarians. State meetings are usually held in the spring. Attendance at one of these meetings is usually very affordable. You don't need to be a GLPA member to attend.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional face-to-face versions of GLPA's state meetings may not be taking place. Please contact your State Chair and/or the scheduled meeting host for information about virtual meetings that may be scheduled in their place.


Date: Saturday, May 1, 2021
A joint virtual meeting with Indiana and WIMPS


Date: Saturday, May 1, 2021
A joint virtual meeting with Illinois and WIMPS




Date: Saturday, May 1, 2021
Location: McKinley Museum’s Hoover-Price Planetarium, Canton, Ohio
Host: Suzie Dills (


Date: Saturday, May 1, 2021
A joint virtual meeting with Illinois and Indiana

Tips for Hosts of State Meetings

Quick Tips for State Meeting Hosts:

1. Keep the meeting simple in regards to planning and costs so that you don't need a large number of attendees to make it work.
2. Get address labels and email addresses from the GLPA membership chair.
3. Send out a paper mailing (save receipts) and an email invitation a couple of months before the event.
4. Reserve a block of rooms if you are hosting an overnight event.
5. Be clear about your expectations regarding an RSVP or registration.
6. Send an email reminder (or two) a couple of weeks before the registration deadline.

For complete instructions and suggestions for hosting a state meeting, refer to the State Meetings Guidelines document.