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TIPS booklets are single concept reference guides on a variety of subjects of interest for the beginning planetarian to the seasoned professional. Electronic (PDF) versions are available here to members for FREE -- simply log in and click on the title. Hard copies may be purchased at cost by GLPA members through the Online Store.

These booklets can be purchased in electronic and hard-copy format through the Online Store. A small non-member fee is added to the price.

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# Title Pages Year PDF Size
1 18 pgs. 1990 1.3 MB  
1b TIPS for the New Planetarian (Spanish) 12 pgs. 1996 684k
2 TIPS on Developing and Presenting Interdisciplinary Planetarium Programs 104 pgs. 1977 11.8 MB
3 TIPS for Orientation Activities 17 pgs. 1977 1 MB
4 TIPS for Preparing and Presenting School Programs 48 pgs. 1996 4.4 MB
6 TIPS on Planning for a Planetarium Education Program 28 pgs. 1979 2.4 MB
7 TIPS Bits 3 pgs. 1979 246k
11 TIPS on Writing Planetarium Scripts 51 pgs. 1999 2.2 MB
12 TIPS Anthology of Astronomical Poetry 123 pgs. 1984 7.8 MB
13a TIPS A Guide to the Phases of the Moon 28 pgs. 1985 2.8 MB
13b TIPS Astronomical Poems 59 pgs. 1987 4.8 MB
14 TIPS Student Training Manual 25 pgs. 1990 1.5 MB
15 TIPS Planetarium Bibliography (no longer available in printed form: digital only) 144 pgs. 1992 7.5 MB
Note: GLPA makes this TIPS Booklet available to everyone for free.
18 pgs. 2002 1 MB
17 35 pgs. 1994 2.9 MB
18 TIPS for Portable and Small Planetariums 171 pgs. 1998 13 MB
TIPS on Humor in the Planetarium
*The FULL document only available through the online store as a hard-copy item due to copyright issues.
TIPS 19 Redacted Version (comics removed to facilitate electronic distribution due to copyright permissions)
21 pgs. 1998 3 MB for redacted version
Music for the Planetarium (CD-ROM or download files; PDF, Excel, Tab delimited text, Filemaker)  *CD-ROM can be purchased through the online store.
TIPS 20 Redacted Version (email addresses removed for GDPR compliance)
77 pgs. 2003 small
21 TIPS on Planning and Implementing a Conversion to Fulldome Technology (available as web pages here on the GLPA site) NA 2013 web pages