"Transit of Venus" show kit

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GLPA Show Kits: Transit of Venus

Program Description:

Transit of Venus

A transit of Venus is so rare that no human now alive has witnessed this celestial event. On June 8, 2004, observers around much of the world will see Venus drift across the face of the sun as Venus passes between the sun and earth. The Transit of Venus Program is a collection of resources related to the transit. The materials available for purchase include a combined DVD with data CD; an optional audio CD; and an
optional slide set. See the Transit of Venus web site for program details.

Technical Description:

  • The Transit of Venus DVD can be used either as a stand-alone a planetarium program, or as segmented lessons in a normal DVD movie format. The DVD contains the narration, music excerpts, images, animations, and video. You can project the whole planetarium program directly from the DVD or show it with optional slides that are purchased separately.
  • The Transit of Venus Data CD contains 200-plus individual images excerpted from the DVD; the script with time cues; an image list with credits; and hyperlinks.
  • The Transit of Venus Audio CD contains the program’s narration with music (which is also on the DVD); and the complete songs featured in the program, including John Philip Sousa’s Transit of Venus March.
  • The Transit of Venus Slide Set contains 200-plus individual slides excerpted from the DVD. Many of the images are original, rare, or hard to find.
    To order a group-rate slide set (see prices below) return this order form before January 15, 2004, after which the slides will be duplicated and distributed.


  • DVD & Data CD Set $15  (No extra fee required for non-members.)