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Educational Resources

Are you looking for examples to build an effective astronomy curriculum? Does your approach to a topic need refreshing? Our members combed the depths of their experience and created numerous resources for educational and professional development. From curriculum guides to tips for running a planetarium, these tools can help advance your planetarium skills to the next level.

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Membership Awards

We’re thrilled to celebrate members who truly shine by helping us achieve our mission while upholding our Code of Ethics. These individuals are a source of inspiration and make us proud to be part of such a dedicated community.

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Astronomy Literacy & Education Standards

In 2015, representatives from all US regional planetarium associations decided on a set of astronomy standards for what every student leaving high school should know, at what grade concepts should be taught, and of how planetariums can assist in conveying those concepts.  Our Education Committee advanced the idea further by building an “Astronomy Literacy & Education Standards” Google Slides deck, aligning planetarium programming with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

We invite anyone to review the slide deck embedded below, and use it as a resource to build curricula and connect with local planetariums.  Contact the Education Chairperson for additional information.

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A group of GLPA members in a conference workshop

Live from the Planetarium

Our goal is to help planetarians like you improve your presentation skills by providing a variety of skill improvement videos on important topics for live programming.

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Show Scripts

Every planetarian has their unique version of a live sky show. Some focus on specific topics while others give a general overview of what guests can see in the night sky. Regardless, live shows provide an opportunity for planetarians and guests to connect and explore the universe together.

However, it’s not always easy to experience each other’s shows, which is why we compiled a treasure trove of show scripts for you to explore. You’ll find a mix of old favorites and new discoveries that will inspire and challenge you. By sharing and learning from one another, we can continue to improve the planetarium as a vehicle for space science education.

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Career Opportunities

If you have a passion for space and science, this is the perfect place to explore new job openings and career paths. From planetarium educators to astronomy software developers, there are plenty of opportunities to grow and make a difference.

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