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2021 – Conference Proceedings

Proceedings of the 57th Annual
GLPA Conference

Kalamazoo, Michigan
November 10-13, 2021

Invited Papers

A Voice in the DarkĀ 
– Karrie Berglund (Armand Spitz Lecturer)

Astronomy Update
– Shannon Schmoll

Contributed Papers

Starry Messaging from Galileo to Today
– Robert Bonadurer

Creating a Personalized Experience that is Unique to your Planetarium
– Erin Brady

Resilience: The Robeson Planetarium Five Years After Hurricane Matthew
– Ken Brandt

Traveling Through Inner Space in the Planetarium: Evaluating Audience Engagement
– Sally Brummel

Extraterrestrial Life Through a Black Lens
– Jean Creighton & Destiny Brady

Within Reach: Accessibility and Finding Community Through Planetariums
– Melanie Isenbarger

Every Student Initiative: Working with School Districts and Donors for Curriculum Related Field Trips
– Renae Kerrigan

A Dome Within a Dome
– Gary Lazich

Promoting your Online Content
– Mike Murray

A Very Low-Cost Assembly for Studying Interference and Diffraction in Remote Laboratories
– John J. Potts, Ming-Tie Huang, Benjamin J. Keen, Christopher M. Nakamura, Kavindya Senanayake, Marian P. Shih, & Matthew D. Vannette

Using Allsky Cameras for Dark Sky Awareness
– Jessica Herrington Rogers

“World Building on Mars”: A NASA Funded Curriculum About Mars and Urban Planning
– Shannon Schmoll, Denice Blair, & Stacey Fox

Live from the Planetarium: The Sequel
– Sara Schultz, Tiffany Stone-Wolbrecht, & Geoff Holt

Building a Teen Intern Program with OpenSpace
– Mike Smail

Lowell Canals
– Dale W. Smith

NEREID: Converging in the Spaces Between Earth, Space, and Data Sciences
– Tiffany Stone Wolbrecht

“Plein-Air Planetarium”: Smart Telescopes and Internet for Realtime Astronomy
– Jim Sweitzer

How to Get the Job: Resume and Interview Tips
– Dan Tell

Comparison of Virtual and In-Person Big Astronomy Planetarium Shows: Preliminary Results
– Jesica Trucks, Shannon Schmoll, Katie Hinko, & Gloria Lopez

Bringing Living Worlds to Life
– Ryan Wyatt

Blending STEM Education and the Dome, Virtually!
– Diana Yoder

Teaching Astronomy with Computational Activities
– Raymond Zich, Rebecca Rosenblatt, & James DiCaro

Using Active Learning Techniques to Teach Astronomy Online
– Raymond Zich


Elgin National Watch Company Observatory & Planetarium History
– Peggy Hernandez

Gaming Parties in your Dome
– Mitch Luman


GLIPSA All Day Workshop
– Karrie Berglund

What’s Perseverance without a Little Ingenuity?
– Ken Brandt

Cosmic Cookbook
– Mike Hennessy & Charissa Sedor


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California Academy of Sciences

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