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Planetarians For the Planet

Planetariums play a crucial role in raising awareness of the world’s environmental challenges. With their ability to visualize Earth’s diverse climates, environments, and biospheres, they can show how the right community support might protect these areas.

The Why…

That’s where Planetarians for the Planet comes in! We’re exploring ways for planetariums to effectively convey this information and utilize potential collaborations and partnerships. By reporting these opportunities to the GLPA Executive Committee, we create ways for the organization to fund or support environmental planetarium initiatives. 

Our Resources

Part of our goal for Planetarians for the Planet is to deliver resources that may not otherwise be available. Check out some of our most popular resources down below.

Earth to Sky – Climate Change Communication starter kit

Astronomers for Planet Earth – Volunteer network for climate justice and climate change advocacy

Project Drawdown – Non-profit organizations focused on climate change

Regeneration – Initiative to end the climate crisis in one generation

Worldviews Networks – Community of scientists helping people understand global climate change

Community-Based Social Marketing – Fostering sustainable, healthy, and safe behaviors

Heartwired – Understanding how people live and think in order to create social change

Frame Works – Think tank that helps organizations communicate about social issues

Yale Environment 360 – Science new source

bioGraphics – Nature news source powered by the California Academy of Sciences

People don’t know what climate experts are talking about – Anthropocene Magazine article

Twitter Thread – Christine Arena

#ShowYourStripes – Visualization tool for historic temperature data of various locations

Fourth National Climate Assessment – Chapter 21: Midwest

Planetarian Needs and Opinions Around Teaching Climate Change – NEREID article